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Since 1975, Ranch Products has manufactured its line of after-market firearm accessories with the highest quality materials and processing for the industry. In-house manufacturing and quality control assures the best possible products. Ranch Products Manufactures:

  • A full-line of moon clips for 9mm, 10mm, .45acp and .38 SPL revolvers.
  • A specialty line of loading and unloading tools.
  • A complete line of magazine releases for Rugers and slide releases for Glocks.
  • Specialty scope mounts include Mini 14 & 30, SKS, 10-22's and Mauser.

  • For further information please contact us.
    Ranch Products
    PO Box 145
    Malinta, Ohio USA 43535
    Business 419-966-2881
    After Hours 313-277-3118
    Fax: 313-565-8536