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It all

began as a father and son business





Check back as we fill in more dates.

Steven A Crawford (son)


  • Owner of Ranch Products
  • Engineer for Chrysler for 33 years
  • BSME & Masters in Optimization in  Manufacturing Processes
  • Over 40 years in Manufacturing Optimization Processes, creating world class quality levels!

Howard Crawford (father) (?-1983)


  • Owner of Ranch Products until 1983 when he died much too early
  • Chief engineer at a stamping plant
  • Registered professional engineer


Howard began manufacturing the 1/3 moon clip.

Ranch Products launched the Full Moon Clip!

Launched the .45acp 6 shot clip.

Most Popular!

Howard and Steve acquired stamping equipment

and set up shop.  The entire operation from start to finish is all in the USA.